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HighAltitude CrossFit Testimonials

I learned about CrossFit before High Altitude CrossFit even opened. Needless to say I was thrilled when Jason Wheeler (Jake) opened HACF since there wasn’t a box nearby.  I am one of the original members of HACF when it opened back in 2010. I honestly don’t know what I would do without it. I’ve never been more fit in my life and I’m almost 50 years old.  I so look forward to getting up every morning and starting my day with a WOD. I do CrossFit consistently throughout the year so there is no “getting in shape” for the ski season or bike season. I can just pick up where I left off.

Jake is truly an amazing coach and is very knowledgeable when it come to the programming. He gets to know his athletes so well. He knows when to push me and what I’m capable of, even when I don’t know it. He is always teaching us the best and safest form possible. Jack is an awesome coach as well. He is a true inspiration as he is a prime example of how CrossFit can change your life for the better and his passion for CrossFit is unwavering.

Through all my years at HACF I’ve not only seen people lose many pounds and body fat but I also see their passion for CrossFit grow and truly change all aspects of their life, such as their diet and mental capability as well as physical strength. HACF has excellent coaches but it is also a community and the people make the box. The people I WOD with daily are a second family to me. The support we all have for each other is unlike you would ever find in a normal gym. It’s not only a place for people to work out but it’s a group of people who want to make all areas of their life better. If you’re thinking of changing your life this is the place to start!

Kelli B.

My CrossFit journey started a year ago.
I had tried everything from Zumba to Boot Camp, and was always starting a new diet, with the hope that I could change the things I did not like about my body.  These efforts never seemed to last longer than a few months, and I was on to the next thing. I could not find an exercise routine or diet that I could stick with. I think over the past 5 years I gained and lost the same 5 pounds about a dozen times. 

When I attended my first CrossFit class I was skeptical and to be honest a little intimated.  I had never weightlifted, climbed a rope or done a pull-up.  I decided I would give it a try for one month. By my third month I was hooked. I looked forward to the workouts, they were always different. Instead of waking up and thinking of a reason to not workout, I was excited to go to class.  I was learning new ways to exercise, and changing how I felt about working out. 

The “WOD’s” were challenging! Many times I would walk in look at the workout and think, no way! There was always a way to modify a move to work for my fitness level and CrossFit development. The coach I workout with “Jake” would push me to keep moving and challenge myself, something I need to see the results I wanted. One of the very unique experiences, was the extra encouragement and motivation from other athletes. They quickly became friends. I felt like everyone was as excited as I was when I did an unassisted  pull-up for the first time.

The workout’s do not get easier, you get stronger. I may have read that on some t-shirt, but ii is true.  Before you know it, something that took everything you had to get through is now fun, and your working on new challenge.  My body has changed. I  look and feel stronger than I ever have.  My Husband is constantly telling me how cute and fit I look.  In the last year; I lost 10lbs, 3” off my chest, 4” off my waist, 1.5” of my hip and 1” off my thigh.  I am so excited to see what the future holds!


Alisa B.

In 2012 I nervously reached out to HighAltitude CrossFit. I was uncertain if I would be able to do CrossFit or if it would just be too tough for me at 58 years of age. Jason Wheeler (Jake), the owner, was very encouraging and invited me in for a trial. Even though I was anxious, I decided to take the plunge and give it a try. I committed myself to a period of 4 months and decided that I would go every day that HighAltitude was open. I began my commitment and it was not long before I discovered that I love CrossFit and specifically HighAltitude CrossFit.

Why you ask?  The following are the top 10 reasons.

10. You work out in community with others who encourage you as well as enduring alongside you.

9. Your workouts are programed by a coach who thoroughly thinks out how each day fits into the week, the month, the season and the year (which often means doing things you would never chose for yourself but are so beneficial to your fitness).

8. You are continually challenged to try new things, while still being accepted if you can’t or choose not to take on the challenge.

7. Workouts are modified to accommodate individual limitations and injuries.

6. Workouts are varied so you never get bored and your body doesn’t become accustomed to the workouts thus you see real results.

5. You get the equivalent of a private coach for a fraction of the cost.

4. You find out that you can do things you never really believed yourself capable of.

3. Your level of fitness increases at levels that you never could have anticipated and you begin to view yourself as an athlete again, or, for the first time.

2. You develop a level of functional fitness that increases your ability to be prepared for anything unknown and the unknowable that you might encounter in any area of life. (You can carry in your groceries or pick up your grandchildren).

1. You experience a life changing level of fitness as part of the greatest community in Eagle County with the most outstanding coach ever.

So, while you can see my top 10 reason, there are so many more. I personally did not consider myself an athlete and yet under the coaching of Jake and HighAltitude CrossFit I was able to attain a level of fitness that placed me in the top 20 in the world in 2015 and as a result I qualified for 2015 CrossFit Games and ultimately ended up placing 14th in the world. Without the training provided by Jake Wheeler and HighAltitude CrossFit and the support of the community this never would have been possible. Today I continue to CrossFit, pursuing fitness for life as my goal and believe there is no better place to do that than HighAltitude CrossFit.


Sandy H.

I came for a visit and was welcomed with open arms. Great box! You can tell everyone is family there.

Deborah C.
Jake is a amazing coach and the people there are awesome!!!! Best shape of my life…I will never quit!

Noelle A.


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