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There are bigger CrossFit boxes, there are prettier CrossFit boxes but there are none better than HACF when it comes to community. Everyone here respects each other and will always reach out if someone needs help on any level.  We also don’t allow each other to forget to have fun. In nearly every class, among the sweat and flying chalk you can hear laughter and while that’s the norm here you just don’t find that everywhere, especially if you’ve ever belonged to a cookie cutter cardio gym where everyone is way to serious. Two hours on a treadmill can make you pretty grumpy and you could be there all day and never hear a bit of laughter. A lot of lifetime friendships have been made here already and many more to come in the future. Thanks to all of you for making this an awesome place to get stronger, healthier and perhaps a bit happier too! If you haven’t had the chance to visit  us come by for a free class – we’d love for you to join us!